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Sorry to be a downer [23 Nov 2006|12:55pm]
Yesterday morning Logan Will, a senior politics major and member of the debate team at Willamette, died in a car accident on the way home for thanksgiving.

He was in one of my classes, the smartest guy in the class, one of the nicest and most genuine people I've ever met. He was always trying to help people and he will be sorely missed.

Rest in peace Logan. My thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends.
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im coming back! [18 Nov 2006|04:57pm]
For those of you who still love me, I'll be back on Tuesday night/can hangout Wed. - Sat.

I have many updates I have neglected to share with LJ because, like james, facebook knows all.

1. I have a girlfriend. she's awesome, feel free to ask me anything.
2. I'm not doing that great this semester
3. I have switched my primary instrument for my music major to Organ.
4. I am strongly considering dropping classical piano.
5. My school is going through a lot of weird stuff with racism talk and stuff. we had a "most offensive costume party" off-campus and there were willamette students involved and there were things like people in black-face/the WTC/plane and it's getting really out of control. It's especially difficult because the campus is like 85% white.

6. My life has been extremely stressful and I have been getting on average 5 hours of sleep a night (which isn't much for me) for the past 3 weeks.
7. I miss my friends and im looking forward to going to the beach or playing some basketball or whatever, it'll be great to see you all this upcoming week.
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research papers [02 Nov 2006|03:40pm]
where were they in high school? how can we say we were prepared for college without adequate help with them?

all i know is im getting my ass handed to me by these 2 that I have to finish tonight/sunday night. im terrible at going through mass amounts of research, especially when its not literary/not easy crap you can find online.

damn you kenneth burke. if you know who kenneth burke is, i heart you.
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am i a lawyer? [29 Oct 2006|10:24pm]
It's a question I've really been pondering lately. The only thing I know I want to do is work for a church for not very much money as an organist or choir director. But that's just a part-time job.
I'm struggling a lot with whether or not I want to major in music (I already have another major, there really isn't a point).

I talk to a lot of law students, and they are all really depressed. "I wish I did this" kinda attitudes.

Yet at the same time, I'm discovering that the opportunity to do real good as a lawyer is very real. I've always thought I would have to work for Habitat or Greenpeace bc I could only envision groups like that needing lawyers. But now I am understanding the world more, although not nearly enough. i havent worked for a law firm at all so i dont really know if it's what i want. but i do know that i really want to help people. right now, im leaning toward working for a group dedicated to bettering public school policy. but who knows... ? teachforamerica? americorps? one of those i want to do im pretty sure. peacecorps is too hardcore for me.
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fafsa! [19 Oct 2006|04:36pm]
so, who knew you had to refill out fafsa? i thought it was just like press a button.

apparently not...

and so now there's a good chance that i will lose my funding to go here. which kinda sucks.

but hopefully they will be lenient.
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[14 Oct 2006|01:41am]
what did the potato say to the knife?

cut for SHARP and witty humor.Collapse )
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have you ever... [13 Oct 2006|02:51pm]
just not done an assignment? that's kinda where im at right now. im in one of those "oh fuck it" kinda places where no matter how productive i am, i can't realistically accomplish all of my goals.

oh well... i suppose being on lj kinda negates my productivity.

time to do or not do that paper... we shall see...
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I'm all giddy inside [12 Oct 2006|01:28am]
whenever you touch me....

Well, I'm super super excited. If you don't know, I really love a capella music. Specifically, collegiate-style a capella music. more specifically, all men's a capella music.

and I'm fairly certain we're going to start our own group! I mean, we have a couple of really good guys, and a couple of okay ones, and I suck, but I can arrange!! and that's what im excited about. I really am looking forward to arranging some awesome songs. Right now we're just gonna sing along with a karaoke version of BSB at an open mic night at a coffee shop.

And the girl situation is surprisingly good. I have been talking to this girl since the end of last year, and I've liked her for a very long time, and she has liked me too, so now we're just in this really great place where we just talk and have great conversations and support each other with that background of knowing we like each other. so we will see what develops there.

this week has been quite possibly the busiest of my life. I have not really had 30 minutes of free time till now, and still it is not free as i need to do hw.
I find it is quite rewarding though, when at the end of the day, you're like wow.. you accomplished all that? I know most of you have had experiences like that. But I liken it to something like Manuel playing diablo all day and the next day starting his 18 hours of work a day. except not quite that much.

oh and my mommy is coming on friday. that'll be really nice.
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football [08 Oct 2006|01:38am]
truly the american sport. wtf is up with tailgate parties? wtf is up with the game itself?

today i worked security at a Oregon State football game. (that's right, im tough) it was kinda weird bc i was faced with a lot of surprisingly ethical decisions. i was in charge of a section reserved for student seating, but they still had to purchase a ticket and go to their correct section, even if their friends were in a different one. so i had people saying all these various excuses to get to sit with their friends, people who wouldn't show me tickets, people who even with me grabbing their arm blew right past me. of course, 90% of them were belligerent drunks. but still, it was fun i guess.
it was my first football game ive ever been to. in fact... the only times ive gone to major sporting events is bc of some necessity. 1. my school had a meeting at a clippers game and then they gave us tickets, 2. i sang (in a choir) the national anthem at a trailblazers game. 3. i worked security (fundraiser type thing) at a OSU football game.

also, i had a really really bad week. on top of the 6 major projects/tests and the nearing unprepared performance, my piano teacher basically grabbed me by the balls and said, you probably aren't good enough to be a music major. she went on to criticize me for being in multiple ensembles and implied that i should only do classical piano. so im really trying to reflect on that and maybe rethink a lot of things.... then my entire life goal would have to be switched around. i dont know...

also, i mean to talk to the following people more:
my old boss
MANUEL MARTINEZ. you!! how are you? i have a psotcard i've been meaning to send since like august. (what's your address again btw)
Daniel Gossard you!! how is life? I will talk to you more via facebook!
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again with the les miz!! [02 Oct 2006|12:11am]
god... i was just singing the song in my head, and i've decided it's one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. like seriously, that and "bring him home" literally made me cry just out of the beauty of the music when I heard them.

anyways, ill be arranging "the candy man" for my men's choir so if anyone knows any awesome groups that sing that song, let me know so i can hear different things people do with it.

btw... what do you do when what your reading for class is just way over your head?
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[29 Sep 2006|02:07am]
who the fuck makes 2 papers due on the same fucking day?!? for the same fuckign class!! ridiculous my friends!! absolutely ridiculous!!
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[24 Sep 2006|09:42pm]
When Waiting for Godot first played in Miami, it was dubbed a comedy.
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[15 Sep 2006|11:20pm]
so happy.

i had my first real performance tonight, i guess of my entire life. i mean, i've performed in front of church and high school but that doesn't really count. we opened for a group called "the Bobs" (http://www.bobs.com/media.html) and man, it was just neat. although, we only had 3 rehearsals together since school just barely started. so it was kinda just thrown together and a lot of what i played wasn't really considered good jazz. but hey, i didn't fuck up to the point of having to do the tune over, which is what i like.

and in sadder news. it is september 15. and it is already raining in oregon.

goodbye sun!
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this is how i stay in contact with sunny [13 Sep 2006|02:36pm]
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jazz it up [10 Sep 2006|01:13am]
so, i have a passionate love for acapella music/choral(for lack of a better word) music.

i used to love kind of a poppy sound that most collegiate groups do. but man, jazz is just amazing.

vocal jazz is just wow.

it's like singing frank sinatra but with crazy harmonies.

and then, scat.

in all of its shoo-bwee doo ba diddley shwa shwa shwa doo dah. fee fi fo fum faaaaahhh
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reading [05 Sep 2006|08:04pm]
so, i normally don't like to read.

in the past, i've had some pretty chill reading assignments. 10-20 pages. maybe 30 - 40. and that was pretty chill and pretty nice.

but fucking 100? no! you do not do that. and you do not do it on such a specific (and dry) topic as "the waterway user charge and policy making during jimmy carter". wtf is that crap?

yes, i know 100 is probably a very small amount. but hey, for a music and rhetoric major, my reading load is pretty easy until i get to my rhetorical theory and music history.

this post was also mainly a form of procrastination.
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caz [02 Sep 2006|06:08pm]
I don't really know why I use it. It's just shorter to type i suppose, and that's all i really care about sometimes. It is also how I speak, and how most people speak when you really think about it. When engaging in friendly conversation, how many of you actually take the time to use that extra syllable "be" when you could just use the "cause".

now i suppose it'd be more grammatically correct to say 'cause. but, that's just way too much work.
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google [02 Sep 2006|01:46pm]
is amazing!!!


google calendar is so freaking ridiculous.
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dancing and drinking [01 Sep 2006|08:49pm]
[ mood | worried ]

Beta is having a huge party tonight, biggest one the school ever has officially. probably over 600 people will go through the door.

but im not looking forward to it. caz everyone (including my roomate) is talking about getting totally wasted and 90% of the people coming will be wasted.

what does that mean for me? i really dont know. i'm expecting it'll be better than im thinking right now. because most of them are very pleasant drunks. i just really dont wanna have to clean up someones shit or clean up the whole house caz
no one else will.

i dont really know what will happen, for all i know everything will be BETTER and more fun because of them.

but that is my pessimism. that is my hatred for drinking. that is my childhood stirring up and remembering what it was like to hide under the table from my dad while he was drunk.

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procrastination [30 Aug 2006|10:21pm]
so umm, yeah, anyone care to organize my calendar for me?

im procrastinating to the point of actually practicing piano rather than organizing calendar... or doing my laundry... or doing my reading... or cleaning my room...
im a bad person.
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